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March 17, 2008



Micah, we were all shocked to hear at Aunt Mary's yesterday that you had been deployed already, and the word spread like wildfire throughout the house. I am so glad Beth and company were able to spend some amazing quality time with you at Sandy and Bill's and when I spoke with Sandy from Linda's last evening, she told me what a great time you had! That is what family is all about. We sure missed you and Beth and the boys this weekend as we had such fun introducing Ari to Maddux and Mason. Really wish we could have seen you guys too. You are definately thought of by all of us and now that you are no longer in "training mode" so to speak, you will be on our minds until you come home safe and sound again...for good. Hope you are adjusting well to military life once again and that Beth and Boys will be strong while in your absence. Take care Micah, we love you.

Love always, Krista and family.

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