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June 28, 2005


Papa Ray


Beth, good luck and patience with your young'un. I have raised two (thirty some odd years ago) and am now raising my Sweet Sarah, my one and only Grand Daughter. She was 4 this last March.
She is a gift from God for this poor ol' Man, but she is making me grow and improve and have strength also. I'm much better at this child raising than I was the first time. I have learned over the years what is important and what is not.

On to your other thing that has you worried. First let me tell you something that I am sure you have suspected, but didn't want to acknowledge.

The average person in the United States, doesn't even care one way or the other about a war, the military or Islamic terrorists or their goal of world domination.

Many don't even know the first thing about what is going on outside their little world that they have created or have been shoved or pushed into.

I doubt that you could find one (1) American out of one hundred (100) who could have an intelligent conversation with you about Iraq, Iran, Syria, Saudi Arabia or our relationship or the war in Iraq or Afghanistan.

Or for that matter really talk about any kind of politics other than they like Bush or Hate him.

But don't ask them for any real reasoning behind their choice.

But, sadly that will all come to an end fairly soon in my opinion. I believe that there will be another major
attack against the U.S. here on the American Mainland within the next year or so.

Then..maybe, just maybe Americans will get their heads out of their little worlds long enough to get mad, really mad and do something about the coming battle beween civilizations.

In the meantime and especially later, hold, love, teach and protect your family. They are what is really important.

Papa Ray
West Texas


I am so sorry to hear about this Beth!!! I really hope the blackout doesn't happen for so many reasons...but mainly for the families that are involved! This is so frustrating! I started reading your husband's blog because I know a few guys in 1/126 out of Michigan, and have gotten really close to one who's now like a brother. So for the many time gaps inbetween hearing from them, it's been great to read Micah's blog.

May God keep them all safe.


Energy level of a 15 month old only increases with age. No lets fix that. It gets more active with age. I have a 3 yr old and as much as I adore my beautiful child I wish he took 2 naps instead of

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