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July 11, 2005


Krista O'Leary -cousin

Hey Micah that's great news!!! I am so excited to hear you get to see your little man finally! I am sure Beth was ecstatic to hear of your leave, thank God! We just arrived home yesterday from a week at Grandma's cottage at Sauble and Mason loved the water so much we could hardly get her out of it! Don't forget to relax on your break and enjoy every minute! Take care, and stay safe! We miss you.

Luv Krista, Mark and Mason


Congrats on the new humvees.
Thank - you for serving.
Nice Blog by the way.

Stay Safe,


I think we might still have some Smokey Bear stickers around the fire hall some place....want me to send you some for the back bumper?? Oh ya, watch out for those bright yellow steel driveway posts at MacDonald's. :)

Leslie Bell

Does the Army have any idea what the inside of YOUR car looks like? (And I take no claim for the "messy syndrome" - that's a genetic trait from your father.) I hope they have Humvee detailers there. Enjoy the "new car" feel -- it's probably the most expensive new car you'll ever drive.

Stay Safe
Your mother

Some Soldier's Mom

hey, and no eating in the new trucks!!! LOL congrats!! send a pic in a month so we can see what they look like then! (oh, and I'm all for swinging dice from the rearview!)


Do they have that new car smell too?

Will you get onto your soldiers to make sure they knock the mud off their boots before they are allowed in?

Papa Ray

Now you can personalize them, you know, stickers, a few flags, something to hang off the rear view mirror (oh, does it even have one?)

How about a Mohair seat cover, sound good?

Continue the Mission

Papa Ray
West Texas

Jamie Good

YEAH!!!! Lets hope they keep you guys extra safe :o) Now, no going through the drive thru until you hit at least 1000 on the odometer, you don't want to be the guy spilling his shake on the new seats. :o)

Stay safe!

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